Affinio + Audience Measurement = Competitive Advantage

Audience measurement is a crucial practice in the media and entertainment industry. Audience measurement companies like Nielsen, ComScore, HitWise, and Quantcast provide volumes of credible and highly valuable insights. These insights inform campaigns, programming, ad sales, and more. Audience measurement provides a bird's eye view of important consumer trends and behaviours. Without audience measurement data, it would be nearly impossible to capture the value of an audience.

Affinio can be used in tandem with audience measurement practices to create a significant competitive advantage in the media and entertainment space. Affinio’s intelligence platform lets you dive deep and surface rich psychographic and connectivity insights from social media.

Analogy time: imagine the jar below represents a network’s understanding of its audience. The large rocks represent audience measurement data points related to viewership, consumer trends, digital engagement, prime time hours, ratings, etc. With those major factors in play, the jar is seemingly full. However, there is still room for another layer of intelligence. The smaller pebbles represent psychographic and interconnectivity insights. These insights fill in the cracks between truths, processes, and standards. The end result is a fuller jar, that is heavier, denser, and more complete.

When you combine traditional audience measurement with psychographic insights from social media, your understanding of your audience will become complete and more valuable.

Not one for analogies? Fair enough. Plain and simple, here are the five main ways Affinio creates a competitive advantage when used in tandem with audience measurement.

1/ Unlock the value of social audiences

Media and entertainment companies have invested a lot of resources into driving viewers to social media properties and growing social audiences. Across the board, social networks are vast depositories of unbiased human interaction and preference. Affinio analyzes the nature and composition of social audiences. Integrating Affinio analysis unlocks the value of your own social audiences, and enables you to capitalize on other social audiences that hold insight relative to your business objectives.

2/ Create authentic content

Today, the demand for consumer attention is unprecedented. More content is being consumed on more platforms than ever thought possible. Because of this heightened ‘attention competition’ it is dangerous to ignore the importance of having a deep understanding of the audience before making an investment in a new program, campaign, or partnership.

A successful endeavour will achieve reach, scale and engagement. Audience measurement plays a significant role in quantifying reach and scale, whereas Affinio sheds light on the engagement piece of the puzzle. Affinio’s rich psychographic and contextual analysis provides cultural clarity and detailed indications of relevance. When utilized in early stages of creation, this type of intelligence leads to authentic content that cuts through the noise and reaches the intended audience.

3/ Enrich primary research

This is a big one. Affinio lets you go deep, and take action on broad consumer trends. Building on audience measurement primary research, Affinio enables you to take your understanding to the next level. Chances are, you know who you want to reach, but you still have questions about them. Affinio performs advanced audience segmentation based on audience interconnectivity and interest behaviours. Using Affinio, you can complement your primary understanding of consumer trends with data on the content, topics, interests, passions, and beliefs that are prevalent amongst viewers.

4/ Differentiate your ad sales pitch

Monetizing your audience is of utmost importance. Affinio moves at the speed of sales, and empowers Ad Sales teams to make presentations that have an edge. Affinio’s social data intelligence helps capture the complete value of your ad inventory. Affinio surfaces media preferences, geo trends, lifestyle, and brand affinity insights. The detail and relevance of Affinio data complements audience measurement data and completes the perfect ad sales pitch.

5/ Better data visualizations

At Affinio, clean, simple, and impactful data visualizations are our jam. Brands are always looking for richness in both pitching and reporting. Affinio’s data visualizations help drive value by capturing social audience composition, and demonstrating post campaign effectiveness. Affinio data visualizations are a driving force behind communicating audience value.

The combination of audience measurement data and Affinio audience intelligence is a force to be reckoned with. Curious to learn more? Get in touch.